GOOD Program

GOOD Program


The Your Family Bank® concept starts with a story … the story of Mark and Joyce. Mark and Joyce are not unique. In fact, their situation is one that millions of Americans find themselves in every day.

They work hard and try to save as much as they can to get ahead, but they have leaks in their financial plan that most Representatives are not concerned with.

Traditional planners have come to Mark and Joyce with solutions that only involve a higher rate of return or contributing more to their investments. This is simply something Mark and Joyce could not do at this stage of life and they are not interested in taking more risk.

This is where the unique approach of the Your Family Bank® concept can help. Rather than focusing on a higher rate of return and ever-increasing contributions they did not have, the YFB Representative looks for methods to help the client with core financial planning that they can control.

Your Family Bank is a concept which utilizes a long-recognized program which is authorized by the Internal Revenue Service. Unfortunately, few fully understand how powerfully this program can work for the client. We do. It is not a debt consolidation plan or a bi-weekly mortgage plan.

There is no cost or obligation to find out if this can work for you. Click here for us to get in touch with you. Imagine being totally out of debt far faster than you ever dreamed. How will that feel?

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